20 DIY Valentine Crafts Ideas for Kids

Heart day is coming and kids love to keep busy especially during Valentine’s Day craft session for my little one at home. This would be the moments to encourage creativity, fun session, opportunity to teach kindness and love to him and many reasons to celebrate. How fun and lovely is that?

I am feeling the love! So I’m gonna featured some of my favorite blogs this Valentine.

20 DIY Valentine Crafts Ideas for Kids

While browsing my pinterest on different valentine craft ideas, I decided to compile a list of it to share. I am thrilled because we are going to do this every day for the month of February, excluding weekends. When I told my little guy about this, he just smiled and said, “…like it mom!” So let the crafting begins!

Toddler Activity: Teaching Colors with Fastening Skills

teaching colors

Teaching colors don’t have to be unexciting. Introduce a bit of fun and enjoyment! Kids are a blank slate; we need to fill them up with quality learning at a young age. Reinforcing basic skills will prepare them for school.

purple pink color

Even at an early age I started to introduce my kid to colors through songs, rhymes, read books that focus on the colors and a variety of different colored balls. At the age of 18 months, he was able to recognize color differences. Buying toys with different color is a help.


cardboard road

I have thought a while ago on what would I do for MJ’s milk boxes at home. I used it  for shoe storage, others are just cluttered in the cabinet and I don’t want to throw it just like that. So what I did, I made a roadway for his cars during play time out of those milk boxes.  Just a simple DIY project in which I created a puzzle roadway on different shapes for his learning activity. How great is that?


Here’s what you need;

  • Milk boxes
  • Scissors
  • Scotch Tape
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Toys (cars, animals etc.)
  • Creativity

How to Declutter your Kids Toys?

decluttering toys

Having a toddler at home who will always on the move and love to put out and mix up toys around the house is just typical as it can be. If you’re sentiment like the mess around the house is growing right along with your child, you are not alone. MJ has a lot of stuff than us. Really! Toys, clothes, books, shoes, the list just goes on. And every day I see clutters around the house. Having a smaller space especially our room where he shares with us in the meantime, declutter things are so much important. So I make it sure to clean it up every day to make my life organized.

Here’s some of the tips that I want to share to declutter the toys and enjoy a messy free space at home.