General Article

Advocate is any person who is giving legal services and charge their clients resolve legal issues both litigation and non-litigation, and since the first presence of Advocates always some sort of ambivalence. Task lawyer is devoting himself to the community so that he is required to always participate in the enforcement of human rights, and in carrying out his profession he is free to defend anyone, not tied to orders (order) client and indiscriminate those who opposed his client, whether he is from the class powerful, ruler, officials even though poor people.
One other thing that attracts attention is the role of an advocate not only as a specialization in the settlement of a conflict between the residents, but also as a specialty in the relationship between citizens and government institutions, namely between society and the state. For lawyers in cases of domestic violence you can see it through the Alameda County domestic violence attorney.
In a modern state, without anyone to fill that function in a professional manner, people will more easily suppressed and manipulated by the authorities.
Function advocates not only the litigants in the courts, but very importantly to represent the interests of citizens in relation to the government. Precisely because the advocate profession understand the forms, institutions and state rules and the duty to represent the citizens if it is contrary to the state or other citizens.
In such conditions many advocates automatically appear in politics, social affairs, education, struggle for political or economic changes, and often enter into the leadership of the reform movement. Not only the advocates of course, but the profession was prominent in the history of the modern state as a source of ideas and the struggle for modernization, justice, human rights, constitutionalism and the like.
Given that legal aid is beneficial for the entire community, it is necessary in the implementation is done evenly with distribution through existing law enforcement institutions such as the courts, prosecutor, advocate organizations, and community organizations engaged in legal aid.
As is well known and has been described at the beginning of this paper, the implementation of legal aid is not only limited to meet the needs of the community will be mentoring advocate in any legal proceedings, but more than that is how to make people to understand the law and be able to criticize existing laws.