Day 7: A Day without Yelling

Yes I admit. Sometimes I yell ( to raise voice, no bad words)  at my kid whenever he is being badly and naughty. I am not perfect and I have so  much guilt about it. Dealing with a toddler is not as easy as one two three, it requires more patience and understanding. I know many moms out there had the same sentiments as me, especially when you have a boy who’s running around, climbing up stairs, furniture, table and chairs unaware of what may happen. I know that yelling could have a negative effect. And at his age now I simply ignore him especially when he is whining and acting improperly to get my attention. I explain to him that his behavior is not good.  

There can be a day without yelling but today is not my moment. Maybe tomorrow or some other day. It is just normal to feel helpless to change your child behavior. It’s not an easy task. There are moments when you feel stressed out, if you’re not,  then I think you don’t care that enough. Every day is a lesson to be taught at the same time you learn from it. I am not going to talk about tips here on the best parenting technique a mom could ever have.  All I can say, I have to discipline him with love and as much as possible no yelling. I just have to do my best. My very best!

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