How to Declutter your Kids Toys?

decluttering toys

Having a toddler at home who will always on the move and love to put out and mix up toys around the house is just typical as it can be. If you’re sentiment like the mess around the house is growing right along with your child, you are not alone. MJ has a lot of stuff than us. Really! Toys, clothes, books, shoes, the list just goes on. And every day I see clutters around the house. Having a smaller space especially our room where he shares with us in the meantime, declutter things are so much important. So I make it sure to clean it up every day to make my life organized.

Here’s some of the tips that I want to share to declutter the toys and enjoy a messy free space at home.

declutter toys

1. Create a Storage System- putting the small toys in a toy box can do the trick. Especially all the blocks, small animals figure, puzzles, car collections were the largest clutter culprits. Individual toy box for each type of toy help keep things organized.  And also, I used to put some of the toys that he doesn’t want to play with in the storage. The rest of the toys that he usually plays is arranged in the shelves where he can see it and easy for him to get and return also.

2. Declutter Stuff Animals- I used to put some of his stuff toys on the shelves and turned out all of them was scattered on the floor. Seeing this mess all the time makes our room like a tornado hit it. So what I did, instead of putting it in a basket, I hung all of them on the wall so my kid cannot get it easily, every time he wants his “boo-boo” sea horse or his “Teddy” bear, he will always ask me.

3. Dealing with Books- reading is always part of his routine every day. He even spent more time on books than his toys. Seeing his books cluttering on the floor is another thing also. So, I put only some of the books that he usually reads, not all of them in his mini space at home. And it would be easier for me to return the books in place.

4. Segregate Toys- segregation is what I do when my little kiddo has some toys he wants to play all the time. Instead of putting it on a shelves especially the small animals of dogs, dinosaurs,  jungle and safari animals, not like before where I just arranged it over the table making it hard for him to read the books. So I put it in a special toy box and place it under his table where he used to play and study all day.

5. Get Rid or Donate Some of the Toys- I usually check all of his toys for missing parts, broken pieces and even cracked toys to get rid of to avoid any harm for my kid. Some of the outgrown toys are kept in a storage especially those memorable toys from his childhood.  Others I give to another kid that needs it and even donate to others.

How do you keep your kids’ stuff organized? Feel free to share some of your tips and strategies here.

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