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Case Law

Includes info and annotations for reported and unreported case law. The state of New York has an analogous appellate construction as it is divided into four appellate departments supervised by the final New York Court of Appeals Decisions of 1 appellate department aren’t binding upon one other, and in some cases the departments differ considerably on interpretations of law.

However, some courts (such as German courts) have much less emphasis on the particular info of the case than common regulation courts, but have extra emphasis on the discussion of varied doctrinal arguments and on finding what the correct interpretation of the law is.

Often times a researcher will have a problem or subject which might be on the lookout for case regulation on. Without a case quotation, a researcher would have a frightening problem attempting to go straight to a case reporter and locate a case on their subject.

Moreover, in American regulation, the Erie doctrine requires federal courts sitting in diversity actions to use state substantive law, however in a way according to how the courtroom believes the state’s highest court docket would rule in that case.

The UNODC Human Trafficking Case Law Database contains circumstances during which all three constituent parts of the internationally agreed definition of trafficking in persons (Article three, the United Nations Trafficking in Persons Protocol) are present, although the case could not have been prosecuted as a trafficking offence underneath national laws.