J.D. Admissions (2)

Top Law Schools

From candid profile assessments to complete mock interview packages, check out the comprehensive and strategic companies that can maximize your admissions chances! Yale prides itself on its repute of emphasizing public regulation in addition to non-public law, and positioned itself to play an essential half in the rise of the administrative state, the globalization and internationalization that adopted the Second World War, and the domestic civil rights motion.

Also, my completely subjective criteria, known as how badly are you able to do at this faculty and nonetheless principally have it made?” For occasion, you possibly can be on the bottom of your class at Yale and still have extra alternatives than most students at even Texas or Northwestern, both great colleges.

Based on choices by directors and college, this year’s crop of the perfect contains 29 candidates from 14 high law schools ranging from the University of California-Berkeley to Northwestern University to Duke University.

The college is a favorite with large legislation corporations in New York City, nonetheless, those who hope to land a federal judicial clerkship may have less luck, as Cornell Law is close to the underside of the record of universities that place their students in these positions.

Students can select from the following six areas of specialization: Business Law & Policy; Critical Race Studies; the David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest Law & Policy; Entertainment, Media and Intellectual Property Law; International and Comparative Law; and Law & Philosophy.