New Year 2013 – A Year to start a New!

Happy New Year Everyone! 2012 has been a great year for us in spite of those trying situations that we encountered but still here we are still coping and continue to pursue our quest. We’ll it’s part of our journey. We have to continue sailing!

And here’s 2013, another promising year to face, to start a new. What lies ahead of us, yet we don’t know but we are certain that God is in control. Challenges are part of our daily life. As a mom, this can be a start of a roller coaster ride when you have a toddler  who give the biggest hugs, spark the biggest smiles, and yes, throw the loudest, most spectacular tantrums. Because he lives in the moment that his  feelings are especially transparent. It’s tempting  to keep things happy for him at all times. But it’s also important to experience emotions like sadness, frustration, and anger without always being  rescued by us, so he can learn to cope better with small setbacks.

Here’s our Year 2012 in Review as a Family.


There were so many things to thank for, most importantly is our health , thank you Lord for the good health and protection,  of all the provisions we had last year. What we want to do this  year and hopefully it will be realized this 2013.

• Travel vacation as a family near a beach (twice this year)
• To read more books at home that I haven’t read yet
• To lose more weight this year without starving myself (Hehehe)
• More work projects, clients
• New business to start this year
• Financial break through

For more surprises, expectations to meet, challenges to overcome, problems to solve and abundant blessings to experience, we welcome 2013 with happiness and contentment in our hearts. Thank you Lord for the good life and for the coming years to come.

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