Romantic Ideas for Couples

Wondering how you can put the fire on your new romance as official couples? New couples would like to spend more time with each other because they were in the stage where love is almost at its peak. The pressure will surely be there for the two of you because what you want is a unique idea that is memorable and romantic for the two of you. So take away the pressures and read the ways listed below:

Just like the Tourist- enjoys your place you have moved in together. Explore the place as if the two of you were lost on an island. Get a day with the two of you alone, have your lunch at the famous restaurant in the place. It will also be nice if you would carry a camera  while asking someone to get some pictures of the two of you kissing in a near landmark. This will surely be fun for the two of you. You can never tell, perhaps this will lead to a more romantic nest in your place.

Local beach and other parks have scheduled bonfire and fire show. So bring it on and watch the bonfire together, make sure that you have your own jacket or blanket with you to cover her up in case the weather cools down. In case there is no such thing as bonfire show in the place, make a romantic bonfire in your backyard instead. Just make sure to consider asking for local officer’s permission before doing so.

An old saying goes “It takes two to Tango”. Try to go for a dance lesson together with your partner. For sure you can dance a simple sway or ballroom dance. A dance treat together will burn all the calories down and will keep the love levels high. So put your shoes on and rock on the floor.

Cook something for her. Even if you can afford to dine at a fine restaurant, have time to cook something special for your partner. Nothing beats a dinner for two prepared by you with a candle lighting and a flower for your love. Cook her favorite or something that two of you will surely love. Most importantly, cook from the heart and let your love blend with the taste of your dish.


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