cardboard road

I have thought a while ago on what would I do for MJ’s milk boxes at home. I used it  for shoe storage, others are just cluttered in the cabinet and I don’t want to throw it just like that. So what I did, I made a roadway for his cars during play time out of those milk boxes.  Just a simple DIY project in which I created a puzzle roadway on different shapes for his learning activity. How great is that?


Here’s what you need;

  • Milk boxes
  • Scissors
  • Scotch Tape
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Toys (cars, animals etc.)
  • Creativity

What to do:

1. Cut carefully the two sides of the box to make a two flattened board. Repeat this in all the boxes you’ve got. ( For the first row of puzzle milk boxes roadway).

2. Utilize the two sides above for the white lines of the road. Here I used the gold part of the box as lines in the middle. You can use a white paper as white lines.

3. Cut out also the remaining  milk boxes and connect  each board using the scotch tape to create the main milk boxes roadway.


4. Make a cut out puzzle of different shapes in each board. I used only five boards for this. Let your kid solve the puzzle by linking the missing parts of the shapes to create the puzzle roadway.

5. Trace the shapes with a marker  to make it visible. And place the white or gold lines at the center using the scotch tape.

DIY Milk Boxes Roadway


7.  Test your creativity by adding traffic light, road tunnels, car garage, waiting sheds, houses, castles  etc.

It’s just that simple and I’m sure your kid would love and enjoy the fun of it. Recycling milk boxes into a kid’s roadway play is a great idea than putting it in a trash. Clutter cannot be avoided of all the toys here. So we had a play of rescuing all animals and put them in the toy box. I asked him to get all the dogs, cars, dinosaurs, and so on. In here, you begin to train your child to put all his  toys in its proper place after play.

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