Toddler Activity: Teaching Colors with Fastening Skills

teaching colors

Teaching colors don’t have to be unexciting. Introduce a bit of fun and enjoyment! Kids are a blank slate; we need to fill them up with quality learning at a young age. Reinforcing basic skills will prepare them for school.

purple pink color

Even at an early age I started to introduce my kid to colors through songs, rhymes, read books that focus on the colors and a variety of different colored balls. At the age of 18 months, he was able to recognize color differences. Buying toys with different color is a help.

orange green color

When we purchased this giraffe stuff toy for MJ, it was an amazing teaching tool to identify different colors, a fun way to learn faster. Not only that, it has a wide range of fastenings such as button, buckle, lace, snap, Velcro and zipper that blends education and fine motor development with creative play. Toddlers develop additional control of their fine motor skills, enable them to press or push on the buttons, turn dials, twine large beads or draw in a closed-fist hold. These fastening skills will help them in the actual situation of dressing and undressing just like perform buttoning and zipping the shirts and jackets on their own.

blue yellow color

Teaching this skill is a challenge. It requires perseverance. Based on my experience, when he was not able to do it right for the first time, he feels frustrated and then cried. This could lead to a meltdown and as a mom you will learn to deal with it patiently.

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